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The Taint is a supernatural mystery adventure set in a universe where humans and alien races coexist with each other in a multitude of booming civilizations. Their cultures and ways of living might be different, but they all share common understanding of logic and laws of nature. However there are anomalous phenomena in this world that violate those foundations of reality and are strange and alien to everybody.  The Taint follows the secretive organization called Universally Unexplained Handling and Research that researches these anomalies as it has to reevaluate its files on them due to an incident that called a lot of information into question. The story begins with UUHR researcher Chloe Halfmann, who is right at the center of the fallout surrounding the incident, meeting a loner, stranger and outsider Agnes at a train station in a big metropolis. Agnes is a cyborg pursuing her own obsession with a specific phenomenon known as The Taint.

The Taint was directly inspired by the SCP Foundation. It's a long term dream project and I hope I'll get back to it at some point. This is a prototype that I made years ago and previous only showed to my friends. It's pretty weird and out there. And it features a soundtrack that I'm very happy with.


The_Taint_prototype_1_Linux.tar.gz 16 MB
The_Taint_prototype_1.1_Windows.zip 16 MB

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